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NEM’s first blockchain charity project ”Cryptoheroes”

NEM has finally imbibed the benevolent spirit to come forward for the patients of ”Dacha”, a Ukraine based rehab centre, via Cryptoheroes. Announced on 12th December by the NEM team, this philanthropic initiative targeted to acquire New Year gifts for the cancer patients, which have ultimately met with success.

The objective unified the NEM community members from all corners of the world rendering support to these sufferers. Spanning for a period of ten days, the project raised tokens exceeding 36,000 XEM that well surpassed the fund required for collecting the planned gifts. The team then channelised the remaining towards adding up to the fund for developing Dacha’s own house, which is the need of the hour for the children and their families suffering from the dreadful disease.

Nations supporting the cause

With the new year advancing, the team wills soon get the gifts for the children as the funds have already got transferred to the managers. The team received support for this noble cause from NEM members belonging to counties such as Japan, EU nations, Australia, Philippines and the USA. Cryptoheroes has not just confined itself to the philanthropic space but also attempts to bring before the world the true potential of blockchain technology for uprooting fraudulent activities and corruption.

Among the recent developments, Ripple, NEM, Emurgo, Cardano’s Venture builder, and Fetch AI have launched Blockchain for Europe, an association for the blockchain industry players of Europe. The association seeks to be the voice of all the blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses of Europe, according to an NEM blog. It aims to educate people within the EU about the technology and the true genius of the digital ledger technology.The EU seems to be open to the idea of blockchain technology. The motive behind this association is also to soothe the regulators. They want to ensure that the European Union [EU] and the member states draft regulations that will foster the growth of the technology on European soil.

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